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    Our Mission

    Our Mission

    The mission of CareWay Medical and Social Adult Day Care Center is to provide the highest quality of care to the elderly.  As a community based program, we have a special commitment to meeting the needs of qualified individuals who reside in the Northern New Jersey area.  We believe that those individuals entrusted to our care are entitled to personalized attention, compassionate and professional treatment, and above all, the opportunity to live their lives with dignity and meaning. We are committed to serve all qualified individuals .

    Our core values are: 

    • Respect for human dignity, individuality, and privacy. In carrying out our work and relating to the people we serve, we ensure respect for human dignity, remain sensitive to individual differences, beliefs, values, and maintain the right to privacy. 
    • Person centered service. The needs of the people we serve are central to the appropriateness and quality of services we provide. This requires not only the skillful involvement of our entire staff, but the active partnership of the people we serve along with their families and caregivers.
    • Compassion, competence, professionalism, and ethics. All aspects of care service and education are rendered according to the highest standards of compassion, competence, professionalism, and ethics.